Improve durability and functionality

Your application may require a finish that performs beyond the capabilities of basic material properties. Or your finishing needs may be more specific than base materials can provide.

Our R&D technologists can either customize standard coatings to meet your performance specifications or develop original coatings. With both metal and ceramic deposition capabilities, Vapor Tech systems provide options for virtually any coating application requirement.

Coatings for high-wear and abrasive applications

From replacement hip joints to cutting tools, consistent performance is required. Cost-effective coatings that stand up to heat caused by friction can help traditional materials meet the demanding performance requirements of wear-intensive applications.

Our proprietary RAAMS™ low-stress process, as well as our Low-Temperature Arc Vapor LTAVD® PVD technologies, produce coatings that maintain critical dimensions and provide tribological performance improvements without impacting base material properties.

Create finishes that resist wear, heat, chemicals, corrosion, and weather

Discover how tribological coatings can work for you.

Find out why so many industries choose Vapor Tech for coatings designed to endure wear and friction.

Achieve vibrant beauty in an array of colors

A high-quality coating makes a lasting impression about your products’ quality and value. Make sure your products are stunningly beautiful from the day they ship to the end of their life. With a Vapor Tech system, you can apply coatings that enhance quality and preserve your products’ appeal. We offer a comprehensive palette of brilliant metallic colors, including Vapor Tech-pioneered true black coatings — our darkest, most durable black PVD finish available.

LTAVD coatings are durable, cost effective, hard coatings for a wide variety of products.

Vibrant, durable finishes for:

Together, we will make your product better.

Enhance the functionality, durability, and appeal of consumer electronics, eyewear, home hardware and fixtures, sporting goods, and other consumer products.

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