Boost the appeal and durability of automotive products

Fuel efficiency, better performance, and eye-pleasing designs. Drivers today are demanding more, and the automotive industry needs to find ways to deliver. Thin film coatings from Vapor Tech deposition systems might be the answer.

Use of thin film coatings enables a greater selection of lighter weight materials as well as lower-cost base materials, makes parts more durable, and improves efficiencies by reducing friction between components.

Light metal alloys
By using coatings that improve metal durability, you can replace steel and iron parts with light metal alloys such as aluminum and titanium to reduce fuel consumption.
Protection for lightweight parts
Hard, low-friction physical vapor deposition (PVD coatings) defend lightweight parts from wear and reduce friction-induced energy losses.
Better fuel economy
Many coatings reduce friction in an engine, which improves efficiency and conserves fuel.

Make cars more desirable, durable, and efficient

With a Vapor Tech deposition system, you can apply coatings that improve the hardness, durability, and appearance of parts used in an automobile. In addition, coatings can increase operational efficiencies by reducing friction in critical areas such as the drive train.

Make soft substrates durable.
Vapor Tech’s proprietary LTAVD® process is a preferred solution for durable coatings on low melting temperature materials.
Improve energy transmission by reducing friction
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) and RAAMS™ highly ionized magnetron sputtering produce hard, low-friction surfaces on engine components including drive train pistons, capture rings, rockers, and valves.

Minimize environmental impacts and improve products

Conventional coating methods, such as powder coating, painting, and electroplating, produce hazardous waste – which increases operational costs and requires expensive regulatory compliance measures. Hexavalent chrome may deliver a great metallic look, but it comes with high costs, complexity, and toxic by-products.

Vapor Tech deposition systems do not emit toxic by-products. But the benefits go far beyond the environmental aspect. Our systems enable the application of desirable metallic color options, improve durability, and preserve a part’s details. Improve your product and minimize the impact on the earth. Sometimes it’s easy to be green.

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