Safeguard home hardware

Today, leading manufacturers in the home hardware industry rely on physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings to enhance and differentiate their products. Vapor Tech’s thin film deposition equipment creates finishes you can’t get anywhere else. With a hard, metallic surface finish you can market your product’s durability. Vapor Tech deposition system’s proprietary LTAVD® process enables the use of lighter weight, lower-cost materials while maintaining a high-end look.

More color options
Produce a wide range of durable metallic colors simply without affecting durability or the raw materials.
Create a finish that does not discolor or tarnish, while also gaining superior hardness and wear resistance.
Greater durability
Protect lightweight parts from wear and reduce scratching and aging of the finish. Download our case study on how Brasstech implemented a VT-1500 into their operation.

Make home hardware more durable, efficient, and desirable

With a Vapor Tech deposition system, you can cost-effectively apply coatings that improve the hardness, durability, and appearance of parts used in faucets, door hardware, shower heads, and many other home hardware items.

PVD coatings like LTAVD from Vapor Tech give hardware a finish that can last a lifetime
Make soft substrates durable.
Vapor Tech’s proprietary Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition™ (LTAVD) process is a preferred solution for durable coatings on low melting temperature parts.
Achieve unrivaled throughput efficiency.
Create a wide variety of durable, decorative surface finishes worthy of your brand and your company.
Easily coat large and small parts.
With up to 30% more capacity than centrally loaded systems, the VT-3000 and VT-1500 can coat a variety of part shapes and sizes.

Minimize environmental impacts and improve products

Conventional coating methods, such as powder coating, painting, and electroplating, produce hazardous waste – which increases operational costs and requires costly regulatory compliance measures. Hexavalent chrome may deliver a great metallic look, but it comes with high costs, complexity, and toxic by-products.

Vapor Tech deposition systems do not emit toxic by-products. But the benefits go far beyond the environmental aspect. Our systems enable you to apply desirable metallic color options, improve durability, and preserve a part’s details. Improve your product and minimize the impact on the earth. Sometimes it’s easy to be green.

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