Improve products with thin film technologies

Learn how our customers use Vapor Tech deposition systems to amplify the durability, performance, and appeal of their products — all while staying cost-competitive and increasing market share.

Produce a rich, classic black coating

The business challenge

The Vapor Tech solution

  • Vapor Tech’s true black process results in saturated, stable, repeatable, and customized coatings that will not fade or shift.
  • We received the most accurate quantitative rating in measuring “true” black, using the L*a*b* color lightness and hue standard, and corresponding confirmation in subjective customer feedback testing.
  • The coating adheres to a variety of materials, including electroplated plastics, without damaging the part, thanks to our low-temperature LTAVD® coating process.
  • Surface finish materials physically bond to the base material, virtually eliminating delamination, cracking, and peeling.
  • Our surface finishes preserve dimensions, tolerances, and underlying detail to enable a wide variety of textures and precision features.

Coat temperature-sensitive substrates

The LTAVD process available in the VT-1500 and VT-3000 systems can deposit coatings at temperatures as low as 50 degrees Celsius.

Provide durable coatings

LTAVD processes provide durable coatings in multiple colors while electron-enhanced RAAMS processes enhance hardness.

Fully automated control system

All Vapor Tech deposition systems include automated, recipe based controls for a repeatable, precise deposition process for high yields and consistent results.

Stay ahead of the competition

The business challenge

Competition never stands still. The constant drive to reduce lead times, improve product quality, and lower costs leads manufacturers to continue to invest in equipment and bring high value services in-house. Many coating providers have added PVD capabilities to address ever-increasing market demands for better looking, longer lasting, and more valuable finishes.

The Vapor Tech solution

Vapor Tech relies on effective customer collaboration to integrate market-leading PVD systems quickly and easily. You benefit from:

  • A production-proven coating process to meet your specific requirements
  • Instruction on designing your coating line for optimal production
  • Extensive experience applying a range of coatings to address a variety of needs
  • Vapor Tech’s continuous investment to develop and apply new processes for evolving market requirements

Maintain surface finish and part critical dimensions

Vapor Tech deposition systems deposit coatings that do not affect the surface finish or tempering of a part.

Coat 3-D surfaces

Designed specifically to coat 3-D parts, Vapor Tech deposition systems employ part motion during coating to create a uniform coating on all surfaces.

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