Improve products with thin film technologies

Leading manufacturers use thin film technologies to enhance product performance.  Learn how our customers use Vapor Tech deposition systems to amplify the durability, performance, and appeal of their products — all while staying cost-competitive and increasing market share.

Increasing quality and lowering costs

The business challenge

A manufacturer of consumer products had previously both outsourced and implemented in-house physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating solutions. This two-pronged supply approach added significant complexity to their supply chain and slowed their new finish introduction capabilities, allowing competitors to introduce product faster and at an overall lower cost.

  • The manufacturer needed a solution that both aligned with the speed of their business and allowed for manufacturing flexibility to enable fast product release cycles with consistent manufacturing yields.

The Vapor Tech solution

  • The manufacturer purchased a VT-3000 system from Vapor Tech to replace their existing complex in-house physical vapor deposition (PVD) solution with a simple and automated system. Key drivers included the large install base of the equipment, top-notch support, and the system’s ease of use and training.
  • The consistent product yield, multiple finish capabilities, and higher uptime from the VT-3000 system reduced scrap and lowered operating costs, thereby enabling the manufacturer to focus on expanding their market share.

On-time delivery of coated parts

The high capacity of VT-3000 systems ensures optimal part volume and availability.

Consistent coating qualities

Coating processes are recipe-controlled, stable, and reproducible.

Improving productivity and the bottom line

The business challenge

  • When implementing a new surface finish, a fast time to market is critical to improving the bottom line. Too late and the market has passed you by, too early and manufacturing yields and productivity suffer.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions are compromises on a whole host of competing specifications, resulting in a substandard solution. In addition, because your competition has access to the same off-the-shelf surface finish sold by a coating services vendor, your end product is neither unique nor in your control — all of which create risks to your bottom line.
  • Unfortunately, vendors with the right personnel, knowledge, and experience in manufacturing and surface finishing as well as robust, proven hardware can be difficult to find. An alternate solution requires companies to aggregate inputs from multiple vendor sources to come up with a final surface finish.

The Vapor Tech solution

Vapor Tech’s Coating Optimization Services Program is a preproduction tool designed to reduce the time to market for a new surface finish solution or to optimize an existing process to improve overall manufacturing productivity. Vapor Tech will also leverage our production implementation processes; that alone puts more than 25 years of experience on your side.

  • Implement the right solution for your product (not an off-the-shelf option that compromises your product goal), one that can be integrated into today’s Lean production environments.
  • Deliver abrasion-resistant coatings that are easy to clean and withstand extensive corrosion testing to improve the value of your product.
  • Enhance your product with durable coatings that are available in many colors and may be matched with your base material color for even longer visual appeal. Increase sales and/or enter new markets with a product that will look good for the long haul.
  • The Vapor Tech Coating Optimization Services Program is a simple way to eliminate development risk, prove the “right” solution for your product, and deliver product revenue profits earlier than possible with other technologies.

Speed time to market to deliver profits earlier

Leverage more than 25 years of experience with producing surface finishes for a variety of industries and production worthy systems that deliver cost effective, performance finishes.

Maintain surface textures and critical dimensions of a part

Vapor Tech’s deposition systems apply RAAMS™ dense film, LTAVD®, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), diamond-like carbon (DLC), and sputtering technologies.

Address surface finish implementation risk

Our engineers and operations group have years of experience developing and implementing finishing solutions at customer sites to cost-effectively deliver high quality products year after year.

Solving supply chain uncertainty

The business challenge

A U.S. contract manufacturer of plating services and machining needed diverse coatings for their customer’s parts. The work was being outsourced to a coating service facility. They consistently had difficulties with:

  • Parts coming in on time – requiring them to maintain more work-in-progress and miss schedules to their end customers
  • High and inconsistent scrap rates – causing unexpected rework and cost
  • Inconsistent quality – creating variability in the parts they provided to their customers

The manufacturer needed a solution providing consistent, predictable, and lower-cost results.

The Vapor Tech solution

  • Robust strategies and implementation plans to bring coating solutions in house
  • Production-proven coating processes delivered with the system to meet specific application requirements
  • Complete operation, maintenance, and process development training during the installation
  • Guidance on designing the coating line for optimal production efficiency and yield
  • The best after-purchase support in the industry

In the end, the contract manufacturer purchased a VT-3000 and now enjoys more consistent operational results. With the purchase, they reduce overall costs as well as schedule uncertainty, which enables them to increase their market share and go after new business that was previously not available.

On-time delivery of coated parts

The high capacity of a VT-3000 system ensures optimal part volume and availability. High reliability means parts are completed on-time and costs are kept low.

Consistent coating qualities

Coating processes are automated, stable, and reproducible from a variety of technologies that do not affect the prepared surface textures and critical dimensions of a part.

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