Our customers appreciate this VaporTech® feature not always easy to find in our industry: Thin-film deposition (also known as vacuum coating) equipment that easily coats both your physical vapor deposition (PVD) and your Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) finished parts. The VaporTech thin-film deposition systems are capable of PVD and DLC coating in the same chamber (they also coat via plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition–PE-CVD).

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We’ve put together a short video to explain (text follows).

How to Coat with PVD & DLC in the Same Chamber

  • Do you need both PVD & DLC coatings on your products?
  • Do you use a coating service company because bringing two different coating machines in-house isn’t an option?

Introducing VaporTech VT-Series™ Coaters: thin-film vacuum coating systems that do it all (in one chamber)

  1. Coat your PVD products and remove from the chamber.
  2. Perform a minimal setup change.
  3. Enter the right recipe.
  4. Load your DLC parts into the chamber.
  5. Push the Start button.

You can easily switch back and forth between PVD and DLC coatings as needed. But that’s not even the best news! …which is that VT-Series coating machines are:

  • Right-sized
  • Affordable
  • Easy to implement & operate

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