We are excited to launch a new series of online Q&A sessions to complement our webinar programs.  These sessions will focus on physical vapor deposition (PVD) and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings used for durable decorative applications.

Welcome to Expert Q&A

Expert Q&A is a different format than our regular webinars. If you’ve attended any of these, you know the questions asked tend to exceed the time allotted. With Expert Q&A, however, we offer a very brief background, then open the floor to your questions. We hope you’ll join us for our first Expert Q&A: “Discover Decorative DLC!”

About “Discover Decorative DLC”

We often talk about diamond-like carbon coatings in functional applications, but DLC is popular as a durable decorative coating also. Want to learn more? Bring us your decorative DLC questions!

Join a 30-minute Q&A session led by a team of VaporTech experts ready to answer your questions on this topic!

Register today! Your last day to register is August 11

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