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Should you use a service or bring PVD in-house?

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If you want your products to benefit from superior coatings, you can outsource PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating to a service provider or invest in PVD coating in-house. Third-party coating service providers own coating equipment and will coat your parts and products along with those of their other customers. You must package, send, wait for, and receive products before repackaging for sale. In-house coating equipment is integrated into your manufacturing and QC process and requires purchasing a piece of capital equipment. This investment can be cost-effective, depending on your coating needs. 

Why you should read this guide

Many coating service providers offer PVD and CVD coating services for customers manufacturing automotive parts, luxury items, medical devices, building products, sporting goods, firearms, and other parts and products. Service provider users will manufacture up to the coating stage, then package their items and send them to a provider. The provider coats the items, repackages them, and returns them to the manufacturer. The parts are unpackaged and returned to the manufacturing line, then repackaged for shipment. Manufacturers who coat a quantity of parts on a regular basis often purchase PVD, CVD, and DLC coating equipment to bring in-house. Depending on company size, coating quantities, and coating types desired, these manufacturers must choose the right machine to fill their exact needs and provide the coating results required. Some coating equipment companies offer a standard color and coating composition chart. at Vapor Technologies (VaporTech®), we also create custom coatings to meet our customers’ product specifications or match legacy finishes.

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