You already know that PVD (physical vapor deposition) coatings on products make them look better, function better, and last longer.  That’s why VaporTech has designed the VT-3000i™ PVD coating system to help our customers more easily add coating capability to their operations. We’ve been selling the new machine’s predecessor, the VT-3000, for more than 20 years, and its benefits (see graphic) have made it a reliable workhorse as a PVD and CVD coating system. But as our product developers and engineers listened to our customers, we saw a need to take our proven capabilities—our core coating technologies, fast pumping speed, high loading volume and production throughput—and update and repackage them with some changes based on evolving customer needs.

1.     Smaller Footprint


In the past, customers who needed a thin-film coating system had to reserve quite a bit of manufacturing space to install the VT-3000 system. The VT-3000i system has the same size chamber and throughput as the VT-3000 system. However, the updated pumping system in the VT-3000i system doesn’t require the floor pit its predecessor did, and we updated the layout and design of the other system components to take up less floor space. These changes reduce the system footprint by about 40%.

2.    Simple to Install, Operate, and Maintain


We’ve always endeavored to offer excellent service and support, and we found additional ways to do even better with this new thin-film coating machine. The VT-3000i system includes several improvements related to ease of installation, operation, maintenance, and service:

  • Improved reliability through elimination or redesign of several complex components.
  • Improved commonality of fittings and feed-throughs.
  • Improved operation and maintenance ergonomics.
  • Improved remote-access capability for troubleshooting and configuration.
  • Updated and simplified controls: fewer gauges and controllers that require calibration.

These changes improve the reliability of the machine and make it easier to maintain. System installation and annual maintenance activities take less time, meaning less downtime and more time for production.

3.    Same Great Coatings

What hasn’t changed are our unique coating capabilities that improve the value of customers’ products. Like the VT-3000 system, the new VT-3000i system can deposit a wide range of materials using physical vapor deposition (PVD) or plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD), as well as coating temperature-sensitive substrates using its unique low-temperature arc vapor deposition technology (LTAVD). These coating technologies deposit a wide range of metallic colors, from chrome through black, to gold, brass, nickel or bronze, as well as diamond-like carbon (DLC) and an array of functional coatings. Our equipment serves manufacturers in a variety of industries including home products, automotive, medical devices, tooling, consumer electronics, firearms, aerospace, and many others.

Contact us today to find out how you can start making your products better using the VT-3000i system’s custom coatings designed and optimized for you.

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