Ever see an older house with pink bathtubs, avocado green refrigerators, and black toilets and wonder what folks were thinking back then? Some trends don’t age well. Fortunately, today’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) color trends are more subtle, sophisticated, and long-lasting (sorry, 1970s!). Our top 3 durable-decorative PVD coating colors for 2022 are classic colors updated with fresh textures and often combined for a beautiful finish.

Gold PVD Coating

Brushed Gold Coating Is The Perfect Option

Brushed gold background

Brushed gold modern design in vintage style door handle on a white door.

Brushed gold modern design in vintage style door handle on a white door.

The history of gold is as old as ancient times, but today’s hottest gold finishes include a brushed texture. Brushed gold gives products a distinctive look combining stunning color with a parallel line pattern. The exact look depends on the gold color used, the brush size and texture, and the polishing process. PVD adds the desired gold finish to the already brushed surface, including traditional gold and rose gold.

A new golden age

Brushed gold is seeing growing popularity in PVD-coated products. Unlike traditional, mirror-finish brass and gold, matte gold adds a modern flair to parts and products in automotive, home, and consumer products from door hardware to phones. Brushed gold in a 2022 designer’s palette contrasts beautifully with our other top colors: matte black or polished chrome.

Matte Black PVD Coating

Double bowl kitchen island sink with matte-black faucet

Double bowl kitchen island sink with matte-black faucet.

Get Started With A Stunning Matte Finish

What is a matte finish?

A black matte finish allows manufacturers to offer a contrasting, contemporary feel to various metallic products in many industries. Matte finishes are created by physically texturing a product surface and applying a thin black PVD finish for color and durability. Traditionally, matte finishes required organic coatings or lacquers that couldn’t preserve the part’s desired metallic look and feel. Black has become more popular than ever with a zirconium-based black PVD finish.

Modern matte

Today, matte black is a highly desirable color/texture combination that works well with other colors and textures. Matte black is trendy in home, architectural, and consumer products. Matte black is usually considered a modern color, adding class and beauty to traditional designs. Manufacturers often use matte black in combination with brushed gold and other colors and textures. Black has historically been a more challenging color to apply via the PVD process, but recent coating developments have made this one of our most popular color options.

Chrome PVD Coating

Polished chrome mag wheel

Polished chrome mag wheel.

Polished Chrome PVD Coating For Your Parts

Chrome’s history

The chrome electroplating process came into being in the early 20th Century. Jewelers first used this coating method to make their products harder than the precious metals beneath. Chromium’s desirability as a decorative coating soon expanded in the industries we’re most familiar with today: plumbing fixtures, appliances, and automotive trim. Polished chrome was ubiquitous on 1950s American vehicles and trendy on 1990s furnishings. But despite changing trends, chrome has never really gone out of style. On the other hand, some manufacturers have stayed away from chrome in recent years as the traditional chrome plating process involves hazardous chemicals and increased regulation.

Chrome’s lasting popularity

Chrome has made a strong comeback as a classic go-to for the high-end “polished” look in the past few years. Polished chrome is also popular for contrasting colors and textures when used with matte black and brushed gold. Chrome PVD coating can be a clean alternative to decorative electroplated chrome plating that provides virtually the same color and hardness as plated chrome and serves as an excellent PVD color coating option. PVD chromium can be applied using the same equipment as our other top colors for 2022, eliminating the need for two separate processes.

About VaporTech®

Vapor Technologies, Inc. (VaporTech) manufactures PVD coating equipment that applies a broad palette of durable-decorative color finishes or performance wear-resistant coatings on almost any metal substrate. Manufacturers in many industries—including home hardware, consumer products, automotive, medical devices, jewelry, and sporting goods—use our equipment. For more information about applying PVD coatings to your parts and products in-house, contact us at VTsales@vaportech.com


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