Manufacturing is complicated. Adding a PVD coating system shouldn’t be.

“I’m afraid of investing in the wrong size system.”

Do you need or have a future need for a bigger system than the VaporTech® VT-1000i system but don’t want to invest in the industrial size VT-3000i coating machine right now? For medium-size operations like yours, we now offer the updated VT-1500i hybrid PVD system, designed, right-priced and right-sized for your needs.

With 70% the capacity of the VT-3000i system, you get the same quality but for a smaller investment.

“Can I create distinctive specialty coatings?”

The VT-1500i coating machine is an expandable system giving you flexibility, function, and product differentiation. You can purchase the base model or (now or when the need arises) add two optional “sources” (the metals you are using for a surface finish). These two add-ons allow you to coat with two PVD technologies (cathodic arc and magnetron sputtering) together. You can use different metals at once. When you don’t need this feature, the VT-1500i system works just like all our VT-i Series machines and produces the same quality coatings. It can also be configured to a sputter-only application if that’s something you may need.

About Vapor Technologies, Inc.

You want coatings that protect, enhance, and improve your high-value products—and so do we! At Vapor Technologies, Inc, we work with you to get you the best custom coating recipes in the right-sized system you need. Call us today at 303-652-8500.



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