In today’s market, it’s all about finding a balance between product quality and manufacturing cost efficiency. Many companies are recognizing the traditional methods of product coating are simply too expensive, inefficient, or not environmentally friendly. Vapor deposition, or “thin-film coating” presents an alternative way to improve product characteristics or even appearance at a fraction of the cost and without the environmental impact. As such, there is an ever-growing list of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating applications. The coatings themselves commonly fall into three different categories.

  • Biocompatible (tribological) – applied to reduce friction and wear resistance
  • Functional coatings – heat/cold/pressure/scale/erosion resistance
  • Durable-decorative coatings (in custom colors for consumer products) – enhance the durability, aesthetics, and value of a product

What is PVD coating used for?

Which industries routinely used PVD coating and for what applications

  • Automotive: Improve the function and durability of engine components and create a high-end look for auto and motorcycle interiors and trim.
    • Chassis
    • Engine components
    • Interior trim
  • Home products – Create decorative finishes in a variety of colors, and add scratch/wear resistance to kitchen & bath fixtures.
    • Door hardware
    • Faucets (kitchen and bath)
    • Other plumbing products
  • Consumer goods – Add quality, durability, great colors, and added value to products.
    • Jewelry
    • Promotional items
    • Watches
  • Medical devices – Add chemical/wear resistance, hardness, and durable color without affecting product performance.
    • Dentistry
    • Orthopedics
    • Surgical instruments
  • Sporting goods – Quality sporting goods must look great, perform well, and be extremely durable.
    • Firearms
    • Golf clubs
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