Industry PVD & CVD Applications

We have a right-sized PVD and DLC machine to suit your industry and differentiate your product!

VaporTech® Systems Coat for Many Industries and a Wide Range of Applications

PVD finishes coat high-end consumer items in a wide variety of industries.
Some examples are:

  • Surgical, dental, and medical device finishing including hip replacements and dental implants.
  • Functional (tribological) coatings for friction-bearing surfaces such as high-performance automotive engine parts and diamond-like carbon gun coating for firearms and other high-precision parts.
  • Durable-decorative finishes for home goods, plumbing products, including faucets, sporting goods, jewelry & watches, and electronics.
  • For the automotive industry, PVD/CVD engine coatings improve trim and chassis components. Our coatings improve the hardness and durability of even the toughest, heat treated steel.

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VaporTech’s systems provide a finishing that can withstand high heat and can improve the hardness and durability of steel seen in high-performance engine parts.


Discover new durable and functional thin-film coating options that improve parts and products in the medical industry.


How does PVD finishing benefit the firearms industry? What are the benefits? Is thin-film coating right for your operation? Contact us to find out!

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