Make products last longer and perform better.

With Vapor Tech’s thin film deposition systems, you can achieve functional, high-quality finishes for your products. Our proprietary physical vapor deposition (PVD coating) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD coating) systems enable you to coat your products with the most durable and vibrant finishes available – all while meeting the needs and cost requirements of today’s manufacturing environment.  Read more about how a leading faucet manufacturer chose a Vapor Tech coating system as a key element for their manufacturing strategy.



Improve valve train efficiency, increase component durability, and maintain the appearance of logos and accents.

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Medical devices


Fortify surfaces with biocompatible materials while protecting critical dimensions.

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Home hardware


Enhance the appeal and durability of plastics, brass, zinc, and steel with rich and vibrant, metallic colors.

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Contract manufacturing


Deliver surface finishes with superior performance, appeal, and long-term durability.

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Sports equipment


Amplify the value, performance, and appeal of your products with vibrant, durable surface finishes.

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Consumer electronics


Enhance your product with durable coatings that are available in many metallic colors.

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Raise the standard on quality and cost efficiency.

Customized to your application, Vapor Tech PVD coating, and CVD coating deposition systems enable surface finishes that surpass conventional methods for a variety of base materials and market applications.

Step one

Collaborate to identify the right coating solution.

Step two

Select and optimize the coating system to meet your application requirements.

Step three

Deliver the coating system and support.

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