Create products worthy of your brand.

Your product’s finish communicates its quality in an instant – and impacts how customers view your brand. How that finish stands the test of time emphasizes your commitment to quality and value. Vapor Tech creates custom systems and robust manufacturing equipment that enables you to apply surface finishes for your specific market applications and base materials.  Download our case study on how Brasstech implemented a VT-1500 into their operation.

We have delivered premium surface finishes to leading manufacturers for more than 25 years. Currently, our deposition systems are used to produce finishes that enhance and differentiate home hardware, medical devices and instruments, industrial tooling, consumer electronics and products, and many more.

Trusted by major manufacturers around the world

  • Complete installation, training, engineering, and service offerings
  • Proprietary LTAVD® process
  • Proprietary RAAMS™ high-density thin film process
  • Deposition systems for surface finishing with integrated cathodic arc, diamond-like carbon (DLC), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and/or sputtering capabilities
  • Solid corporate foundation as a proud division of Masco Corporation (NYSE: MAS)
  • Ongoing investment in research and development to continue to provide robust, cost-effective systems and desired finishes
Introducing Vapor Technologies

Incorporated in 1988, Vapor Technologies was founded on the idea that our innovative method of depositing durable hard coatings from a central source can make the deposition of PVD coatings more consistent, versatile, and cost-effective.

Building expertise in PVD technologies and manufacturing systems

  • Sold and delivered the first VT-3000 deposition system.
  • Acquired by Masco Corporation.
  • Rapidly expanded into China and Europe to broaden the customer base.
  • Deployed process technology advancements, increasing the variety and number of surface finishes available.

Focus on developing application specific solutions

Introduced durable truly black PVD coating, an alternative to plated chrome technologies, and PECVD and multiple DLC coatings.

Technology advancements enabled sales of additional systems, expanding our customer base and the number of markets served.

Advancing the possibilities of thin film deposition
About Vapor Tech
Introduced the Cadence™ Flex deposition system for rapid and high throughput parts processing – aligning technology advancements in durable surface finishing with lean manufacturing strategies.

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