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Restore your coating system to like-new performance for better throughput and continued profitability.

VaporTech designs, manufactures, and services our VT Series and Cadence coating systems globally. Our maintenance services are designed to restore your coating system to like-new performance. This process includes complete preventative maintenance on the water control system, turntable, vacuum-pump system, electrical system, gas delivery system, as well as thorough chamber cleaning and replacement of all shields, replacement of critical chamber parts, installation of a new arc coil, and a complete operational qualification to guarantee excellent system performance. A properly maintained system will have shorter pump down times, less vacuum leakage, improved color and coating uniformity, and shorter cycle times. These improvements can directly lead to improved system throughput and increased profitability for your business.

Factory-certified parts

Only genuine VaporTech certified parts will maximize system performance and minimize downtime. As the coating system is a key part of your manufacturing process, invest in parts that will keep your VaporTech coating system working at its peak performance level.

System upgrades and repairs

Our factory-trained field service personnel are available to install system upgrades and repair systems that are not operating at peak performance. Depending on your system, upgrades to modernize and improve performance may include new arc or bias power supplies, controls, expanded process gas capability, or adding additional coating sources.

Coating optimization program

Partner with VaporTech to create the exact coatings you need.

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VaporTech supports you with ongoing maintenance, parts, and service.

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On a typical annual maintenance visit, VaporTech checks

50 subcomponents

and replaces up to

55 parts.

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