VaporTech Coating System Installation, Qualification,
& Training Services

We install your system, test it, and train your staff in operation, maintenance, and processes. We also install new recipes right to your machine.

Support installation training

As part of a coating system purchase, VaporTech service engineers assemble your new system on-site and execute a complete installation and operational qualification prior to final equipment acceptance. VaporTech personnel also provide operation, maintenance, and process training for your staff using our proven curriculum. In addition, customized coatings or processes developed during a Coating Optimization Program are installed so you can begin coating parts immediately after installation. Additional training is also available for new staff or when adding new coating processes in the future.

VaporTech Optimization Programs

Coating optimization programs

Our team of material scientists creates coatings optimized to meet your specifications for function, durability, and appearance.

VaporTech Partnerships

An ongoing partnership

VaporTech is here for you after your purchase, with technical support, remote and on-site maintenance, parts, and repair services to keep your equipment in great shape for years to come.

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Detailed service information

Read and download information see how our service program can provide ease of mind.

“Installation went like clockwork. Our VaporTech system is so simple, we had five employees with no knowledge of PVD running the system right away.”

– Plant Manager, Brasstech, Inc.