Protect Your Coating System Investment with Vapor Technologies’ Genuine Parts, Service, and Support

Vapor Technologies’ Genuine Parts, Service, and Support

Vapor Technologies, Inc. (VaporTech) designs, manufactures, and services our VT-Series™ and Cadence® coating systems globally. A properly maintained system will have shorter pump-down times, less vacuum leakage, improved color and coating uniformity, and shorter cycle times. These improvements can directly lead to optimal throughput and increased profitability for your business.

VaporTech Partnerships

An ongoing partnership

VaporTech is here for you after your purchase, with technical support, remote and on-site maintenance, parts, and repair services to keep your equipment in great shape for years to come.

VaporTech installation and Training

Installation & training

We help integrate your system into your existing manufacturing operations, install it, and train your people on operation, coating processes, and maintenance.

VaporTech Optimization Programs

Coating optimization programs

Our team of material scientists creates coatings optimized to meet your specifications for function, durability, and appearance.



VaporTech Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

System upgrade

System Upgrade
& Repair Services


Dirty chamber shields can more than double the vacuum pump-down cycle.

Installing a bushing with slightly different specs can lead to major chamber vacuum leaks.

Using the incorrect grade oil in a diffusion pump can increase pump-down times by more than 25% and reduce throughput.