VT-1500i: High-Capacity Cathodic Arc System with Optional Magnetron Sputtering

VaporTech 1500i coating machine

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VaporTech Coating Systems

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The VT-1500i™ PVD & DLC coating system with optional magnetron sputtering deposits a broad range of bright and dark metallic colors as well as our diamond-like carbon (DLC) and functional, highly wear-resistant coatings. The VT-1500i PVD system provides high throughput but in a very compact footprint. This unique system includes both cathodic arc and optional magnetron sputtering technologies in the same machine – up to 3 PVD sources. With the ability to coat parts up to 100 cm long and 10 high-capacity racks, the VT-1500i™ is a high volume, flexible, price-competitive coating system for manufacturers and coating service providers.

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The VT-1500i PVD & DLC coating system with optional magnetron sputtering includes the following key capabilities:


Small footprint, easy to integrate into factory.


Easy to operate and maintain.

Low cost

Low per-part coating costs.

Part sizes

Coat large parts up to 100 cm long.


Available with cathodic arc and magnetron sputtering technologies.


High capacity for large operations.

VT-1500i Specifications
System capacity
Coating zone per rack100 cm x 25.4 cm ø (39.4 in x 10 in)
Number of racks10
Coated area capacity 8 m2 (86.1 ft2)
System footprint2.0 m x 4.4 m (6.7 ft x 14.4 ft)
Coating technologies
  • Cathodic arc physical vapor deposition
  • Magnetron sputtering physical vapor deposition
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC)
  • Available metallic coatings: pure, alloyed, or reacted zirconium, titanium, chromium, and carbon.