VaporTech Thin-Film Hard Coating Systems

Achieve superior functional, durable decorative, or diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings with our PVD and PE-CVD thin-film deposition systems.  VaporTech offers systems designed for both high-volume, large-scale manufacturing as well as small-batch operations.


VaporTech VT-Series™ coating systems utilize a unique, centrally mounted coating source with parts that rotate around the perimeter of a large, actively cooled chamber.


  • Excellent color uniformity throughout the chamber for appealing coatings in decorative applications.
  • Even coating deposition rates throughout the chamber for excellent control of coating thickness.
  • Some of the lowest coating temperatures in the industry, suitable for both metal and plastic parts.
  • Able to coat large parts up to 122 cm (48 inches) long.
  • Multiple system sizes suitable for both high- and medium-volume applications.

Cadence Systems

VaporTech Cadence™ coating systems excel at quickly depositing functional coatings that greatly improve wear and heat resistance, reduce friction, and increase the life of many industrial and consumer products.


  • High deposition rates shorten coating times.
  • Multiple coating sources can be used to further increase deposition rates or deposit composite materials.
  • VaporTech unique RAAMS™ technology is a high-energy process that significantly improves coating structure, hardness, and wear-resistance compared to traditional sputtering systems.
  • Compact system that is easy for smaller manufacturers to use and maintain.

Our Products


Our highest-capacity lower-temperature thin film coating system.


Our mid-sized lower-temperature thin film coating system.

Cadence Systems

Our most compact, easiest-to-use, and fastest thin-film coating units.


A typical VaporTech durable
decorative coating is less than


the thickness of a human hair, keeping
blades sharp and other product features intact.

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