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VaporTech Makes Plastic Parts Shine
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Molded and cast plastics and other materials are cost-effective and easy-to-use in manufacturing. With hard coating technologies, manufacturers can use these materials and deliver a premium look and cool metallic feel on their end products.

VaporTech Medical Device Coatings Overview
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How medical device manufacturers can enhance and differentiate their products and increase revenue with thin-film coatings.

VaporTech Eco-Friendly Coatings - Including Chrome
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Traditional chrome electroplating involves exposure to carcinogens that attack respiratory and skin tissues, and OSHA has responded with more stringent regulations. Thin-film coating is a clean process and can produce a gorgeous and durable chrome as well as an array of other metallic finishes.

DLC: VaporTech's "True Black"
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Consumers want products that reflect the best that the color black has to offer – in consumer electronics, household products, kitchen and bath fixtures, and automotive interiors and accents – and they’re willing to pay a premium for it.

Vapor Technologies and TRUMPF Hüttinger systems
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VaporTech and TRUMPF Hüttinger technologies provide the durability and performance features manufacturers require. An in-depth look at processes, coating options, and applications.

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