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Use Our Equipment for PVD Coatings in Many Colors, Including Gold, Brass, Black, Rose Gold, Chrome, Blue, & Silver

Vapor Technologies, Inc.’s custom-design decorative finishes improve both the appearance and durability of your product. Our unique low-temperature process enables you to apply decorative finishes to most metals and many plastics. VT Decorative™ finishes are scratch- and wear- resistant, improve corrosion resistance, and are so thin—less than 1 micron—they are suitable for high-tolerance parts. You can choose from various PVD colors including gold, brass, black, rose gold, chrome, blue and silver. 

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Thin Film Coatings Increase Product Value & Drive Profits

VaporTech equipment creates VT Decorative coatings by reacting a base metal such as zirconium with a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon-containing gas. Durable-decorative colors include versions of the following: gold, brass, black, rose gold, chrome, blue, silver, and other PVD color coatings.

PVD Decorative Black Coating


PVD Decorative Grey Coating

Cool Graphite

PVD Decorative Light Gray Coating


PVD Decorative Chrome Coating


PVD Coating Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

PVD Decorative Nickel Coating


PVD Decorative Gold Coating


PVD Decorative Rose Gold Coating

Rose Gold

PVD Decorative Dark Copper Coating

Dark Copper

PVD Decorative Light Bronze Coating

Light Bronze


PVD Decorative Dark Bronze Coating

Dark Bronze

Click here for information about our functional/tribological copper coatings!

PVD Decorative Blue Black Coating

Blue Black

PVD Decorative Vivid Blue Coating

Vivid Blue

Feel free to download a printable version of the PVD color samples above (and remember colors vary by printer).

If you’re looking for today’s popular darker PVD color finishes, VaporTech has special expertise with these PVD colors, including our patented True Black™ coatings. If you have had trouble with banding or other color variation with dark PVD coatings, ask us how we can help you improve production yields and broaden your color offering.


Read how Brasstech increased ROI with decorative coatings in this case study.

Diamond-like carbon

Add extreme hardness & a popular black finish with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings.


Improve parts with VaporTech functional and tribological thin-film coatings.


VT Decorative™ coatings come in


standard colors
or are customized to your exact specifications.

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