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Right-Sized, Easy-to-Use PVD Coating Equipment for Smaller Operations

The VT-500i™, the most compact Vapor Technologies, Inc.’s VT-Series coating equipment, is designed for small batch manufacturing operations. This small PVD coating machine can coat large parts up to 70 cm tall by 35.5 cm wide. Right-sized, compact and easy-to-use, this affordable PVD coating system is perfect for smaller operations. The VT-500i thin-film coating machine offers the same broad range of decorative and functional coatings as other VT-Series coating equipment, but its smaller footprint, easier maintenance, and competitive price make it suitable for an even broader range of coating applications. Differentiate your products with hard, durable PVD or diamond-like carbon (DLC) finishes. 

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The VT-500i coating machine includes the following key capabilities:


Small footprint, easy to integrate into factory.


Easy to operate and maintain.

Low cost

Low per-part coating costs.

Part sizes

Coat large parts up to 70 cm x 35.6 cm.

Remote Access

Factory remote diagnostics available.


Durable diamond-like carbon coatings.

When researching the coating process, you may be looking into sputtering vs. cathodic arc. 

For many uses, cathodic arc vapor deposition is the best coating option. Our lower temperature advanced vapor deposition (LTAVD™) thin-film coating process uses a cathodic arc with a high energy of deposition to create a denser coating than traditional sputtering processes. This is important because sparser coatings degrade much more quickly over time.

For coating functional, tribological, and biocompatible products, the VaporTech® Cadence™ system patented RAAMS™ (remote anode advanced magnetron sputtering) process is superior to traditional sputtering coating. RAAMS increases the energy of deposition to create denser coatings, increasing your product’s hardness, durability, and wear-resistance.

Download: VT-500i

Read & download detailed VT-500i system information.


VT-500i not quite large enough? Check out the new VT-1000i.

Cadence system

Compact, fast RAAMS® magnetron sputtering system perfect for functional applications.

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