The Cadence System

Compact, Fast, & Easy to Use Sputtering Equipment for Functional Coatings.


Cadence™ coating systems excel at quickly depositing functional coatings that dramatically improve your product’s wear resistance, reduce friction, increase heat resistance, and improve product life for many industrial and consumer products. Using our proprietary RAAMS™ technology, Cadence Remote Anode Assisted Magnetron Sputtering equipment provides high deposition rates to shorten coating times and multiple coating sources to further increase deposition rates or deposit composite materials. RAAMS™ is a high-energy process that improves coating structure, hardness, and wear-resistance compared to traditional sputtering systems. Cadence systems are compact, fast, and easy for smaller manufacturing operations to use and maintain. View system specs on the main equipment page.

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Cadence systems include the following key capabilities:


Small & easy to integrate into factory.


Multiple coating technologies in one system.


Can be configured for rapid coating deposition.

Microscopic comparison of DC magnetron sputtering coating system vs. VaporTech RAAMS™ coating in the Cadence system.

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