CrN Coating Machine – Chromium Nitride Coating Equipment

PVD chromium nitride (CrN) coating performs well in friction wear applications and corrosive environments. It is also the ideal choice for high-temperature environments.

VaporTech® thin-film deposition systems are versatile and can deliver multiple coating technologies in a single hybrid system. Our CrN coating machines combine high hardness, toughness, non-stick characteristics, and excellent resistance to both corrosion and oxidation. Chromium nitride is commonly used for dies and molds (especially injection molding of plastics), motor components, pump parts, and as a replacement for plated hard chrome. All our VaporTech systems produce this coating, either with our Lower Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition (LTVAD®) technology in all VT-Series™ machines or Remote-Anode Assisted Magnatron Sputtering (RAAMS™) in our Cadence™ system.

CrN Coating Properties

Coating Characteristics Excellent hardness and toughness, reduced friction, resistant to sliding and impact wear, excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation, non-stick in contact with many other materials.
Common Applications Dies and molds, tooling for machining of Cu/Al, engine components, pump parts, and as a replacement for  functional plated hard chrome.
Color Metallic silver
Coating Hardness 14-25 GPa
1400-2500 HV
Thickness Range Typical 1–10 microns


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CrN coating machine

VaporTech VT-1500i Hybrid PVD Coating Machine

The VT-1500i system offers a central cathodic arc and two optional sputter targets.

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All our VaporTech systems are capable of functioning as CrN coating machines. Browse our models today.

Now Right-Sized For Any Operation

Tired of having to rely on third-party coaters? Take your operations in-house with VaporTech CrN coating machines. We have a coating system for your operation, no matter the size. Our equipment can deposit CrN coatings on dies and molds, engine components, tooling for machinery.

If you’re interested in shortening lead times, reducing costs, and avoiding delays bring your coating in-house now. Contact us at (303) 652-8500!


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