PVD and DLC coating systems for industrial production

in a sea of chrome and stainless, stand out with color and durability

coatings for a wide range of applications and base materials like plastic and zinc


eco-friendly coating technology

Actually it is easy to be green, with a more durable surface finish, low cost base material options, more colors, and a product that lasts longer your customers will have higher satisfaction with their purchase.

Vapor Tech deposition systems emit no toxic byproducts so not only have you made your product better, the Earth thanks you for it.


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Coatings that Amplify Your Product’s Appeal, Performance, and Value

Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition Systems

  • LTAVD enables a wide range of surface finish and base material options
  • High capacity, throughput built for volume manufacturing
  • Decorative coatings for soft metals and plastics; durable coatings for wear applications

Surface Finishes that Enhance & Differentiate

  • Coatings that maintain fine features, design details, and keep sharp edges sharp
  • Excellent durability with a surface finish worthy of your brand
  • Take advantage of the wide range of accurate, metallic colors possible with a Vapor Tech deposition system

Increase Product Value

  • More durable than alternative coatings
  • More vivid, fade-resistant colors
  • Design your own surface finishes with simple to operate and cost effective deposition system