Successfully improve products with thin film technologies

Find out how our manufacturers in a variety of industries use Vapor Tech deposition systems to improve their products’ performance and compete in cost-sensitive environments.

PVD replaces hexavalent (Cr+6) chrome plating

Chrome is often used to create a great metallic look. However, for many manufacturers, the cost, complexity, and toxic byproducts of hexavalent and trivalent chrome plating overshadow aesthetics. Replacing hexavalent chrome with another plating process produces a suboptimal surface finish with limited, durable color flexibility. Environmental costs decrease, but product performance may be compromised.

The Vapor Tech solution

Vapor Tech’s thin film deposition systems deposit durable chrome finishes that are harder than plated chrome and have more color options than electroplating. Plus, our systems have none of the toxic byproducts that must be managed with electroplated chrome.

  • Deliver coatings that are abrasion resistant, easy to clean, and can withstand extensive corrosion testing.
  • Enhance your product with durable coatings that can be matched to the base material’s color for better visual appeal.
Differentiate products from standard chrome-plated parts.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) chrome is almost two-times harder than plated chrome. Additional enhancements can create even harder coatings and customized surface properties.

Protect fine features, part fit, and surface textures.

Vapor Tech’s LTAVD®, diamond-like carbon (DLC), or RAAMS™ processes reliably and uniformly deposit films that are 0.1 micron for pure decorative applications up to 10+ microns for hard chrome replacements.

Address all your product needs.

Vapor Tech’s deposition systems apply hard, durable, and functional materials onto parts, thereby improving functional performance and appearance without affecting  surface textures and critical dimensions.

Address surface finish implementation risk

Our engineers and operations group have more than 25 years of experience developing and producing cost-effective surface finishes for a variety of industries.

Coating plastic substrates

Low cost and weight make plastic parts highly valuable to automotive, medical, and consumer electronics manufacturers. However, temperature limitations can make coating plastic parts more difficult, impacting durability. Obtaining an appealing metallic look is also almost impossible.

The Vapor Tech solution

Vapor Tech’s proprietary LTAVD process provides a low-temperature solution, as low as 50 degrees Celsius, for applying a durable coating on plastic parts.

  • Coat many different types of plastic parts with a finish that resists fingerprints, is easy to clean, and withstands extensive corrosion testing.
  • Enhance your product with durable coatings that are available in many colors and can be matched with your base material color.
  • Apply the same color to plastic and metal base materials for a consistent look across all components.
Coat temperature-sensitive substrates.

The LTAVD process deposits coatings at temperatures below the melting point of many industrial plastics.

Maintain a unique surface finish.

VT-1500 and VT-3000 deposition systems apply coatings that do not affect the surface finish and critical dimensions of a part.

Coat 3-D surfaces.

Vapor Tech deposition systems employ part motion to create a uniform finish on 3-D surfaces, which protects your products’ designed features and aesthetic details.

Implementing new technology

Integrating a new finishing technology into a manufacturing operation introduces risk to established manufacturing processes and procedures. With the right partner, you can increase the probability of success.

The Vapor Tech solution

Quick, easy implementation of a Cadence Flex™, VT-1500, or VT-3000 thin film deposition system includes:

  • Production-proven coating processes to meet your specific application requirements
  • Instruction on designing your coating line for optimal production
  • Readily available support to help address integration with upstream and downstream processes

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