Medical Device Coating

Invest in vacuum coating systems for better medical device coatings, added value, and increased ROI. Surface finishing equipment is an investment-one that produces lasting benefits including quality improvement, streamlined manufacturing, and increased product value.

Making the case…

VaporTech PVD and CVD coating systems are an investment in proven surface finish technologies that are safer than chemical processes (like hexavalent chrome), reduce risk, and create profit-driving efficiencies. Take control of your product finish and increase device durability, longevity, and ROI with our thin-film coatings.

VaporTech equipment scales well with large and small batch operations!


Coating the parts

As little as one micron thick, our coatings add hardness, chemical and wear resistance, and durable color, while also reducing waste. For popular chrome finishes, moving away from hexavalent chromium plating processes reduces environmental and regulatory risks. Additionally, thin-film deposition is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

PVD Coating For Medical Devices

Supporting users

We do the research to ensure our coatings perform well for dental implants and medical devices. After installation, VaporTech helps protect and extend the life of your equipment investment with our extensive support services. Our skilled service and engineering teams provide responsive support to keep systems running for decades to come.

Our Products


Our easy-to-operate small to mid-sized lower-temperature thin film coating system.


Our higher-capacity lower-temperature thin film coating system. For those who don’t quite need the 3000i.


Our highest-capacity lower-temperature thin film coating system.

Cadence Systems

Our most compact, easiest-to-use, and fastest thin-film coating units for functional, CrN, TiN, and DLC applications.

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