Find Your Copper PVD Coating for Decorative & Functional Applications

Copper-based PVD coatings offer many decorative and functional benefits when applied to a broad range of consumer and commercial products.

VaporTech thin-film deposition systems  deliver copper PVD coatings engineered to have significantly greater wear and corrosion resistance than solid copper or copper alloy (i.e. brass) parts. As PVD is only microns thin, this coating can reduce product costs by using far less raw material and has a minimal effect on critical part dimensions. It can be applied to many metallic, plated, or in some cases even plastic parts thanks to our lower-temperature process. VaporTech’s Copper PVD functional and decorative coatings can also be applied in colors beyond that of just traditional copper metal.

Contact VaporTech for more information on how to customize a copper PVD coating to meet your unique product specifications.

Functional & decorative copper PVD coatings are popular and on-trend for a variety of uses.

Functional PVD copper coatings: VaporTech equipment produces copper PVD coatings with superior resistance to wear and corrosion.

PVD color copper coatings: The Copper PVD coating systems produced by VaporTech PVD coating machines are perfect for durable-decorative applications.

PVD Coating For Bathtub
PVD Copper Coating For Cups
PVD Coating For Copper Shelfs
PVD Copper Coating For Bathroom Decorations
PVD Copper Coating For Flooring
PVD Copper Coating For Nuts & Bolts


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