DLC Knife Coatings & PVD/DLC Knife Coating Systems

Use PVD and DLC coatings on your knives and blades for less than $1 per part coating cost with one of our right-sized PVD/DLC coating machines.

 Over the past few years, PVD & DLC coatings have become a significant selling point for luxury goods, including high-quality knives. These coatings add an attractive look and durable performance without changing the blade characteristics. Such coatings are often used to coat high-end knives for various industries, including outdoor sports and home use. These coatings are particularly beneficial in coating knives as they are only microns thick, and are effective on various materials.

PVD/DLC Knife Coating Durability

PVD-coated knives’ durability and longevity contribute to their growing popularity with knife manufacturers and customers. Applying this thin layer of PVD or DLC coatings to knife components adds hardness to the entire surface, protecting parts from scratches and other forms of wear. Apply hard DLC knife coatings through plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PE-CVD). During the DLC knife coating process, our machines vaporize and condense molecules of various materials and gases in a thin layer on the surface of the knives being coated.

DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Knife Coatings

DLC coatings for knives come in distinctive shades of gray to almost black. Our coating machines apply DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating to knives of all types and sizes. Coatings for knives adhere to a wide variety of materials and shapes. Using the PE-CVD process in a VaporTech® system ensures the DLC coating on your blades is applied evenly across components, providing durability and a smooth finish to your knives. Using a PVD/DLC coating machine from Vapor Technologies, Inc. (VaporTech®), your per-part knife coating costs are typically less than $1 for coating a typical part. Please fill out our contact form if you are interested in DLC coatings for knives.

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