Titanium Nitride Coating Equipment

Titanium Nitride (TiN) is a hard-ceramic material often used for coating on a product’s surfaces to increase the life span or function of a product. TiN is used as a tribological coating on items like medical devices and drills. Its golden appearance also makes TiN the perfect finish for decorative purposes. TiN is applied using such as VaporTech physical vapor deposition vacuum systems, also called PVD coating equipment.

Do away with the hassle of sending your products out to be coated and bring operations in-house with VaporTech Titanium Nitride coating equipment. We have coating systems for all size operations. Our equipment can deposit TiN coatings on small orthodontic/dental parts as well as firearms, sporting goods, knives, and surgical instruments such as scalpel blades and bone saws.

If you’re interested in taking your titanium nitride coating in house, contact us at (303) 652-8500!

Benefits of Titanium Nitride Coating:

TiN is an inert and stable material with a very firm adhesion caused by a molecular bond to the substrate metal. Our machines produce a uniform coating with no buildup on the product edges. With this type of coating, your products can more adequately hold up against high temperatures and can be resistant to most chemicals. You can make your products last longer with TiN coating!

Our systems can also deposit TiCN coating

Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) is a blue-gray color developed from Titanium Nitride. If you are looking for a slightly higher hardness from your finish, then TiCN is the way to go. TiCN coating can show a lower friction coefficient and an enhanced resistance to abrasion. This element is non-toxic, so it can be applied to medical instruments.

About Vapor Technologies

VaporTech is a PVD coating machine manufacturer headquartered in Colorado. We work for clients in a broad range of industries globally. Unlike others, VaporTech can create coatings customized to meet your needs for friction-resistance, durability, hardness, and aesthetics. If you have questions about our coating equipment, contact us at (303) 652-8500.

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